Two Good Samaritans received the Chief’s Coin to recognize their outstanding effort to assist an injured trooper along the highway.

On Tuesday March 15, Chief John Batiste presented the coins to Good Samaritans Nathan Redman and Jason Cullen at the District 2 Headquarters in Bellevue. Also on-hand was injured Trooper Tommie Pillow. The two men helped Trooper Pillow after he was involved in a single motorcycle collision along 520 on Tuesday February 23, 2016.

Trooper Pillow was lying along the highway when Redman and Cullen stopped their pickup truck and blocked traffic to protect Trooper Pillow from being hit by traffic.” As I was sliding down the road I remember thinking I better get up and out of the way before I get run over,” said Trooper Pillow. Trooper Pillow suffered a broken leg during the collision. The two men also lifted and safely moved the motorcycle off to the shoulder. ”I was so relieved to see the truck you guys were in blocking both lanes,” said Trooper Pillow.

Due to the Good Samaritans actions, the trooper avoided further injuries. “I just wanted to say thank you very much to both of you for stopping and helping me out,” said Trooper Pillow.

“We are so glad we were in a position to act quickly on your behalf,” said Nathan Redman who also happens to be the son of District 7 Chaplain Martin Redman. “You have been in our thoughts since and hope you have a speedy recovery,” said Redman.

Trooper Pillow and his wife were on hand to personally thank the two men for their actions. “My wife says you two were my guardian angels,” said Trooper Pillow. “I’ve been doing this for over 31 years and it’s great to find people like you two are still around,” stated Trooper Pillow

But it was Cullen and Redman who had the final word for Trooper Pillow,” Thank you for all you have done to keep us civilians safe and comfortable in our daily lives.”