May 7th is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day!

The National Wildfire Protection Association (NFPA) is asking everyone to commit a few hours or the whole day to making your community wildfire proof!

Photo Credit to Washington National Guard

As temperatures continue to rise in Washington State, it is important that everyone finds ways to prevent fires from destroying their homes and communities. The Washington National Guard took this photo last summer showing how one family’s defensible space precautions saved their home from a devastating fire.

Want to know what you can you do to make your community/home safer from the impacts of future and past wildfires? The NFPA listed multiple projects, big and small, just for you! Such as:

  • Raking and removing excess pine needles and dry leaves within a minimum of 5 feet of the homes’ foundation. As time permits—continue up to a 30 foot distance around the home.
  • Disposing of the collected leaves and pine needles in appropriate trash receptacles.
  • Collecting downed tree limbs and broken branches in your community and take them to a disposal site.
  • Holding a neighborhood meeting and share information on how everyone should develop a home evacuation plan.
  • Creating a Family Communication Plan template and share it with neighbors
  • Building or updating an emergency 72-hour kit.
  • Building pet evacuation kits and donate them to your local animal shelter for distribution.
  • Distributing wildfire safety information to neighbors, or staff a table at a grocery or hardware store (other high-traffic locations work too) and distribute free emergency preparedness materials.
  • Helping an elderly relative or neighbor get emergency numbers and the names of close relatives entered into their cell phones; and in large font posting their phone number and street address above their home landline so it can easily be seen when providing information to emergency dispatchers.

After completing your project, the NFPA is asking you to record your activities on a nationwide map. By adding your info to the hundreds of other projects that will be taking place illustrates the magnitude of risk reduction projects occurring throughout the U.S.

For more information on National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, please visit:

We are looking forward to seeing how your projects that are helping keep our state safe!