The Trooper Academy is the gateway to an exciting new phase of life: becoming a State Trooper. The instruction and conditioning programs you’ll experience will transform you into a trained expert who can save lives, capture criminals, and keep your community safe.

The Washington State Patrol Academy is nationally recognized as being one of the absolute best. We’re constantly fielding requests from other agencies to train in our facilities and with our expert instructors.

What happens during Trooper Academy?

1. You’ll Get Paid to Attend World-Class Training

As a trooper cadet, you don’t pay a cent to receive this invaluable instruction. In fact, you get paid to attend. That’s right. You’ll receive a paycheck twice a month for your entire 26-week training period.

2. You’ll Become a Trusted Leader

Through our rigorous training, you will become much stronger, both mentally and physically. Troopers are trained to handle high-stress situations, because we’re often the first on the scene during traffic incidents. You’ll learn how to rescue people, how to perform CPR, how to calm people down, and most importantly, how to use your judgment to quickly assess a situation and know what to do to fix it.

Get a sneak peek inside the academy’s rigorous training:

3. You’ll Bond with Fellow Cadets Instantly

The academy experience is designed around the principles of collaboration and teamwork. You’ll spend 24 hours a day with your cadet cohort for the immersive 26-week program, training and working side by side. During this experience, it’s pretty much impossible not to become lifelong friends with your colleagues after rescuing each other from submerged vehicles, sweating together during push-up marathons, and cramming together for classroom tests. And when you’ve completed your training, you’ll know that every graduate has worked through the same intensive course that you have; that they’re highly trained and that you can trust them with your life.

 4. You’ll Learn to Read Clues and Decipher Incidents

Because troopers are often first on the scene of an incident, we are trained to deduce what happened. Of course, safety and administering first aid is our top priority. But after taking care of the people involved, you’ll “read” the scene for important details about the incident. You’ll learn how to accurately estimate the speed of the vehicle(s) involved, their trajectory, and even the state of mind of the drivers and passengers. You’ll be the trusted authority.

5. You’ll Be Trained in Using Lethal and Non-Lethal Weapons

Troopers are trained experts in handling weapons—and using proper judgment to defuse a situation before a weapon is ever needed. But because we need to be prepared for any situation, you’ll be trained in a wide variety of firearms:

– Close-range shooting

– Long-distance shooting

– Night firearms

– Scenario training using simulation machines

6. You’ll Be Trained in Handling Vehicles in High-Stress Situations

Much of a trooper’s work involves vehicles. Cadets practice high-stress vehicular situations again and again, so when the time comes you’ll be able to rescue people and protect them from danger. You’ll practice these and other high-stress vehicular situations:

– Water safety training, practicing rescuing people from a submerged vehicle

– High-speed interception, on our state-of-the-art 2.7-mile vehicle drive course

If you’re ready to step up, become a leader and protect your community, visit to learn more and apply to be a Trooper today.