If you happened to be in Utah these last few days, you may have seen a few Washington State Troopers walking around.IMG_20160603_130207

Troopers Maurice Ball, Grant Campbell, and Katherine Colello-Bidewell talked with hundreds of students about the exciting and rewarding career that awaits them at the Washington State Patrol (WSP).

On Friday, June 3, WSP Troopers visited the Utah Post Academy at Weber State University. Trooper Grant Campbell says, it was a great opportunity to talk with people outside of Washington adding the WSP has hired applicants all the way from New Jersey!

“In the last year alone, we (the recruiters) have had the chance to recruit in four different states. Every time we travel, we try to emphasize the vast opportunities at the Washington State Patrol…specifically the large amount of specialty positions offered like SWAT or aviation.” Campbell says that although every state has its own law enforcement, the Washington State Patrol is uniquely different.

For example, unlike most states, Trooper Cadets don’t have to pay to attend the WSP Training Academy. In fact, they get paid to attend. That’s right. Trooper Cadets receive a paycheck twice a month for the entire 26-week training period.

In addition, the Washington State Patrol also offers competitive programs and pay.

  • Continuing Education: As a WSP employee, you can attend any state college or university in Washington, and we’ll pay it! There is even an additional pay incentive for completing a degree: a 2% pay raise for an associates degree, and 4% for a bachelor’s degree. Interested in pursuing a graduate degree? Talk to us and learn how the WSP can pay for you to earn your MBA, law degree, or even a PhD.
  • Insurance: The WSP offers more choices in customizable health care than almost any other employer in the state. Our subsidized medical, dental, and vision programs can be tailored to fit your changing needs from year to year. Want to keep the same doctor you have now? We have options under our Uniform Medical program that cover any doctor or healthcare provider in Washington.
  • Retirement Pay: Working for the Washington State Patrol is a career path that pays—and continues to pay, even after you retire. Because when you meet the retirement plan requirements, you are guaranteed a monthly benefit for the rest of your life. After five years of consecutive service, you become vested in the WSP retirement program. The benefit amount is based on an average of the five highest paid years of service. In addition, the WSP provides a cost-of-living adjustment increase every year following your first full year of retirement.

Whether you want to do good for your community, push and prove yourself every day, or be a part of a great team, you’ll find all this and more in the Washington State Patrol. To get in touch with a recruiter like Trooper Grant Campbell or to learn more about the WSP, please visit TrooperStories.com.