Did you know Washington State Patrol (WSP) Troopers are working more than just the state’s highways?

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They also educate thousands of high school students each year on the dangers of drinking and driving. On June 3, Troopers joined other local law enforcement agencies to put on a mock DUI crash event at Camas High School.

Starting at 8:00 am, the bustling hallways of Camas H.S. were quiet as nearly 450 high school seniors and staff witnessed the aftermath of a fatal car crash, a helicopter take away fellow students with “serious injuries,” first responders  collecting “deceased bodies” and evidence, as well as Washington State Patrol Troopers arresting a drunk driver.

Although the students playing the injured, deceased, and drunk driver were just acting, Trooper Will Finn said the event was “extremely powerful.”

Other agencies involved include:

  • Clark County Fire and Rescue
  • City of Camas
  • Chuck’s Automotive and Towing
  • Straub’s Funeral Home
  • Clark County Coroner’s Office
  • Camas High School Theater Class
  • Students, parents and staff of Camas Hugh School
  • Life Flight