Being a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper means more than just earning a paycheck. After all, being a Trooper is more than just a job. As a Trooper, you protect and serve your community. You’re part of a tight-knit family of Troopers around the state and country. You will be respected and looked up to as a leader and hero in your community. But you will also enjoy a host of amazing benefits as a reward for your hard work and sacrifice.

As a member of the Washington State Patrol, you’ll receive…

Paid Training

Not only will you receive world-class training at the Trooper Academy, you’ll be paid for it! Trooper Cadets earn $4,124 a month for the six months of Academy training, and they receive free meals and housing for the duration of training.

Competitive Compensation

After graduating from the State Patrol Academy, Troopers earn a starting salary of $59,000 a year. With careful planning, scheduled raises based on tenure, and skills-based raises through additional training, you could be earning nearly $100,000 a year after five years.

Financial Security and Long-Term Stability

With a pension program that pays 2% of your salary for every year of service – up to 50% of your salary after 25 years and up to 75% after 37 years – you’ll be financially secure for life. How many of your friends have that kind of financial security?
Additionally, after five years of consecutive service, you’ll become vested in the WSP retirement program and earn benefits based on the average of your five highest paid years of service.

Great Health Benefits for Kids and Families

The Washington State Patrol offers more choices in customizable health care than almost any other employer in the state. Our subsidized medical, dental, and vision programs can be tailored to fit your family’s changing needs from year to year. You’ll get control over your doctor choices, deductible levels, and coverage options to fit your family’s unique needs.

Flexible Daily Routine

One of the things our Troopers love most about their career is the flexibility. Washington is a big place, and Troopers have broad freedom to choose where they’ll work within their patrol area each day. You can choose to live and work anywhere – the wheat fields of Eastern Washington, the towering Cascade Mountains, the bustling urban I-5 corridor, the coastal beaches, or anywhere in between. This freedom and flexibility is perfect for people who like variety but also enjoy the flexibility to work around the needs of family.

Career Advancement

In addition to the valuable basic training and education you’ll receive at the Trooper Academy, you will have the opportunity to receive training in a variety of specialized fields based on your interests, including Narcotics, SWAT, Computer Forensics, Criminal Investigation, Aviation, and Bomb Squad training. These areas of specialization allow you to move up in the ranks and work exclusively on the tasks that interest you the most.

Continuing Education

Not only does the Washington State Patrol provide its Troopers with world-class training and education on the job, but the WSP will actually help you continue your education beyond the line of service. As a Trooper, you will receive tuition reimbursement for classes you take toward a college degree, and pay raises for completing a degree: a 2% raise for an associate’s degree and 4% for a bachelor’s degree. The WSP can even help you earn your MBA, JD, or even a PhD.

Being a Trooper is definitely hard work and requires bravery, toughness, and an unwavering spirit. But the financial, medical, educational, and emotional benefits and rewards that come with serving your community as a Trooper make this a career of which you can truly be proud.

If you’re ready to step up, become a leader and protect your community, visit to learn more and apply to be a Trooper today.