The State Fire Marshal’s Office along with Detectives from District 5 Criminal Investigation Division, Homeland Security Division, and agents from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seized approximately $4,600 of illegal fireworks from a private residence on June 21.

An anonymous tip provided information that the individual had purchased a retail fireworks license (which would have allowed him to operate a fireworks stand). Instead, he was selling consumer fireworks outside of the legal period and from his residence which is not allowed.

Contacting the individual at his residence led to the discovery and seizure of 16 types of prohibited fireworks that included firecrackers, rockets, 1.3G explosive devices and illegal homemade explosive devices.

These items were transported by the WSP Bomb Squad and will be destroyed at a later date. The individual faces civil penalties for violation of his fireworks license, and possession of dangerous devices.

This seizure is an important step for public safety in Washington State, as the number of fireworks-related injuries and fires incidents has continued to rise; up 11% in 2015 alone.

This is the first time a fireworks seizure has occurred at a residence. Previous seizures have involved containers of consumer fireworks upon entry to the Port of Seattle.

As we are just days away from the Fourth of July, the State Fire Marshal’s Office is urging citizens to celebrate safely and know their local fireworks laws.