On June 29, 2016, Governor Jay Inslee honored 22 state agency managers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and performance.

During a luncheon at his Executive Residence on the Capitol Campus, Inslee welcomed:

  • Kathy Beith, Department of Revenue
  • Daniela Bremmer, Department of Transportation
  • Steve Campbell, Department of Retirement Systems
  • Terri Colbert, Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board
  • Sreenath Gangula, Department of Transportation
  • Betsy Hagen, Washington Student Achievement Council
  • Julie Hudson, Washington State Patrol
  • Scott Jarmon, Washington State Patrol
  • Vickie Kennedy, Department of Labor and Industries
  • Catherine Kinnaman, Department of Social and Health Services
  • Dr. Yong Liu, Department of Agriculture
  • Michael MacKillop, Department of Services for the Blind
  • Dr. James Marra, Department of Agriculture
  • David Mitchell, Washington Student Achievement Council
  • Larry Pierce, Military Department
  • Connie Shumate, Department of Commerce
  • David Smelser, Department of Transportation
  • Kathy Smith, Health Care Authority
  • Annette Taylor, Department of Labor and Industries
  • Dr. Kathy Taylor, Department of Ecology
  • Brian Thomas, Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Haiping Zhang, Department of Licensing

Leadership in Management Group_DSC2968.jpg

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is extremely proud to have Ms. Julie Hudson and Mr. Scott. Read all about their success below!


Julie Hudson

“Julie works very hard to ensure the safety of first responders and the public. This is reflected by the exemplary 24-hour emergency communications work her team provides to the public and troopers, and to state, tribal and federal partners. Julie’s leadership embodies the WSP motto, “Service with Humility.”- Chief John R. Batiste

Gov n Julie Hudson_DSC2876

As a member of the WSP’s Communications Management team, Julie works collaboratively with her peer managers and staff to support and enhance the WSP’s efforts to be the best public safety agency in the United States. Julie displayed strong management skills which have resulted in the following successes for the agency in 2015:

  • Assisted the training team with revalidation of the CritiCall testing process, resulting in a 26.7 percent increase in the number of 911 dispatcher applicants receiving a passing score.
  • Tested 128 Communications Officer applicants for centers on the east side of the state.
  • Maintained staffing at 95 percent or greater and held overtime expenditures to a minimum.
  • Provided training and mentoring opportunities for all her center’s lead operators/trainers in preparation for promotional opportunities ahead.
  • Improved the training reporting system by revamping guidelines and replacing weekly observation reports with a daily one.
  • Received a $3,000 grant through the Yakima County Traffic Safety Task Force for staffing during DUI emphasis patrols.

Julie ensures she has a good work/life balance by participating in charity events, staying active in hobbies and spending time with her husband.


Scott Jarmon

“The MOP program has provided technology that is critical to the WSP’s mission of providing the best public safety services. Scott is an exemplary leader whose team achieved extraordinary results by practicing exemplary management principles to create a positive work environment.” – Chief John R. Batiste

Jarmon Scott_WWW8706In 2013, Scott rejoined the WSP as the Mobile Office Platform (MOP) program manager charged with implementing this program to provide computers and video cameras to all Trooper/sergeant vehicles. Scott used proven leadership and organizational development techniques. These tools created a collaborative work atmosphere which supported interactive communication across all disciplines of IT that spanned multiple divisions and resulted in the following areas. Improved officer safety by:

  • Completing laptop/tablet deployment with eCitation and collision report software installed 12 months ahead of schedule for sergeant/trooper vehicles.
  • Completing full camera deployment for all Trooper vehicles thereby providing video record of incidents.
  • Providing quick access to critical dispatch and criminal history information using an in-vehicle remote query tool connected to the WSP network.
  • Providing Troopers with remote access to common office applications. Increased the use of electronic ticketing and collision reporting through laptops.
  • Facilitated the installation of automatic Wi-Fi video upload from inside vehicles to servers at WSP’s districts

Scott and his family make time for many recreational hobbies such as kayaking, visiting with friends and family, and martial arts. His current project is remodeling his house.