On June 17 & 18, Boeing field was jam-packed…but not with airplanes.

Dozens of commercial vehicles flooded the field to take part in the Washington State Patrol’s (WSP) Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau’s 20th Annual Washington State Inspector’s Championship (WSIC)!

31 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, Troopers, and Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) Safety Investigators competed for the opportunity to represent Washington State at the North American Inspector’s Championship being held in Indianapolis, Indiana August 8-12, 2016.

The competition started on Friday, June 17 with a timed 80 question written “Out of Service” test. The next day, everyone moved to Boeing’s Kent Space Center where officers conducted a full Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Level 1 Inspection. Did we mention a Level 1 inspection includes multiple steps ranging from pulling over a commercial vehicle safely to ensuring all brake systems are working properly? You can check out all the steps here! During the inspection Commercial Vehicle Officers had to find all the violations within a short amount of time (when we say short, we mean just under an hour).

Following the Level 1 Inspection, each officer conducted a 20 minute Motor Coach inspection, a 25 minute Non-bulk Hazardous Material inspection, and a 25 minute Bulk Hazardous Material inspection.

The WSP recruited 25 Commercial Motor Vehicle Industry personnel to judge the event…that’s a lot of people and a lot of trucks. Luckily WSP Assistant Chief Jason Berry, Captains Mike Dahl and Dan Hall; Lieutenants Jeff Closner, Matt Couchman, and Donovan Daly; CVEO’s Jeff Osberg, Linda Powell, Kevin Valentine, Mike Worlund, and Aaron Gustafson kept everyone’s energy up by cooking food throughout the entire day.

The WSIC is aimed at bringing representatives from industry, law enforcement agencies, and others committed to commercial vehicle safety together and celebrating the contributions everyone is making to keep Washington highways safe for all.

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The following officers took home honors in each category:

Written Test

1st Place CVEO 2 Jonas Mast

2nd Place CVEO 1 Erik Bishop

3rd Place CVEO 1 Tracey Cobile


Motor Coach

1st Place CVEO 2 David Huisman

2nd Place CVEO 1 Amanda Collins

3rd Place CVEO 2 Michael Bugni


Non-bulk Hazardous Materials

1st Place CVEO 1 Brian Ailinger

2nd Place CVEO 2 Huisman

3rd Place CVEO 3 Dean Ide


Bulk Hazardous Materials

1st Place CVEO 1 Amanda Collins

2nd Place CVEO 2 Jonas Mast

3rd Place (Tie) CVEO 1 Erik Bishop and CVEO 1 Tracey Cobile


CVSA Level 1

1st Place Tiffany Grayless

2nd Place Russ Hallgren

3rd Place CVEO 2 Jonas Mast


Over All

1st Place CVEO 2 Jonas Mast

2nd Place CVEO 2 David Huisman

3rd Place CVEO 1 Amanda Collins

*Officers Huisman and Mast will travel to Indianapolis and represent the WSP at the National Inspector’s Challenge.