That’s a wrap folks!

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) just finished the 2016 Kiwanis Youth Law Enforcement Career Camp at the Academy in Shelton.

The purpose of the Kiwanis Youth camp is to provide selected high school juniors and seniors, with an interest in a career in law enforcement, an opportunity to explore the various areas of job opportunities in that field. It offers exposure to problems encountered by law enforcement officers on a daily basis and how to handle these situations in a professional manner.

The Washington State Patrol and other police departments provide officers as staff to instruct and be counselors to the students. This gives students a variety of experiences and expertise in other areas of federal, state, county, and local law enforcement.

Some of the most popular classes and demonstrations include the WSP SWAT team, Canine, driving course, and defensive tactics. We also have guest speakers from various agencies to provide first hand information to the students.

With each class a close bond is formed and lasting friendships are made. Approximately 80% of the students go on to law enforcement careers.

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