When Recruit Class 16-02 arrived at the Fire Training Academy on April 28th, 2016, they were asked to come up with a motto that would define their next 12 weeks together.

Their answer: “Always First Due.”

On a surface level, the term refers to either the first apparatus arriving on the scene of a fire. However, to class 16-02, it meant each recruit would do whatever it takes to be the best both as individuals and as a group.

At their graduation on July 22nd, Assistant State Fire Marshal Charles P. LeBlanc acknowledged their motto of choice, saying it was an ambitious standard and the class didn’t meet it…they exceeded it. He continued to provide words of wisdom as well as encouragement, telling the newest Washington State firefighters, “you will impact lives like you never thought possible.”

Congratulations to the Recruit Class 16-02 on your graduation and accomplishments.