Watch out ladies and gentlemen, there are about to be some new police Chiefs in town.

On August 18th, 31 law enforcement agencies from around the state will swear in “Little Chiefs” for the entire day. The event (called “Chief for a Day”) is sponsored by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission to celebrate the lives of children who have been diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition or chronic illness.

This year, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) will be “co-Chiefed” by Carlos and Angel Callejas. Though their titles are only honorary, Carlos and Angel will have no problem adjusting to the life in the Patrol…that’s because they’ve already done it.

Back in June, Chief John Batiste hosted Carlos and Angel at the Washington State Patrol headquarters in Olympia. The two future “Little Chiefs” got the opportunity ride in the WSP Aviation flight simulator, tour the Governor’s mansion, and even drive around town in a Patrol car!

Both Carlos and Angel have cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that makes it difficult for the heart muscle to deliver blood to the body. Angel just completed his second heart transplant a few months ago.

Carlos and Angel were selected to be the WSP “Little Chiefs” through Trooper Scott Eng. Trooper Eng’s childhood friend Rebekah Kim is the principal at Midway Elementary School in Des Moines. One day, Kim asked Trooper Eng if he would visit one of her students, Angel, at the Seattle Children’s hospital. Angel’s dream? To be a police officer. Sergeant Julie Judson and Trooper Eng immediately bonded with Angel and after only a few hours together, they found out his brother Carlos was also diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Sergeant Judson asked right then and there if the two boys would represent the Washington State Patrol at this year’s Chief for a Day event. Their mother excitedly agreed.

Carlos and Angel will be escorted by a motorcade from the ShoWare Center in Kent to the Criminal Justice Training Center in Burien at 10 am. Just a few hours later they will be sworn in and have the rest of the day to celebrate their new title with family and friends. Outside the training center, there will be outside demonstrations and presentations including K9 dogs, SWAT vehicles, and much more.

If you want to follow the event, keep an eye on the WSP Twitter page — we’ll be live-tweeting the whole thing! So stick with us and help celebrate the life of these Little Chiefs.