The Washington State Patrol (WSP) lost one of its members this past weekend. Long-time WSP Narcotics K9 Ice passed away Sunday from a serious health issue. Ice was the oldest serving K9 in the drug unit and was based in King County Washington. He passed away while in the care of his handler Trooper Scott Genoway.


Ice’s journey to narcotic dog began in 2008. That is when Trooper Genoway discovered the dog at his local Humane Society. Ice was not his first name but his family given name. After spending time with the lovable pooch, the Genoways decided his original name of Fritz did not match his personality. This began Ice’s journey to WSP K9.

In September 2008, Trooper Genoway and Ice began their formal training. They were commissioned in October of that same year. During his eight year tenure with the agency, Ice worked as a commissioned narcotic dog. “Not only was Ice a strong asset to the local WSP districts but he also worked extensively with local and federal agencies,” said Trooper Scott Genoway. “Ice’s high energy and will-to-work made him a productive K9 and a valuable team member to the WSP,” further said his handler Trooper Genoway.

The four-legged officer was trained to discover marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. In June of 2014, Ice demonstrated his resilience when he made a rapid recovery from an extensive surgery to remove a debilitating tumor. During his last few days as a commissioned K9, he assisted Trooper Brad Olsen in finding 22 pounds of methamphetamine in the bed of a pickup. His last recorded search assisted in the seizure of $69,920.

While Ice took his job seriously, he also had a lighter side as described by his handler. One day Ice worked his slithery body through the partition of Trooper Genoway’s Ford Crown Victoria patrol car and proudly took control of the driver’s seat. Next, Ice helped himself to Trooper Genoway’s lunch. He wasn’t through. The cunning canine then went back through the partition to his kennel. Trooper Genoway opened the back door to find Ice grinning with mustard on his lips acting like nothing had happened.

The WSP is thankful for all the good work Ice has performed during his tenure with the agency and he will be missed.