Post written by Ms. Heather Anderson, WSP Communications Division Commander

“On July 14, The Washington State Patrol (WSP) had the wonderful opportunity to recognize the great work of one of our own and of a very brave 12-year-old named Karlie Rogers.

On April 24, 2016, Karlie was traveling with her grandfather and two brothers on State Route 16 midspan on the Narrows Bridge when their vehicle became disabled.  Karlie’s grandfather got out to push the vehicle out of traffic and was struck by another vehicle.  Karlie was quick to take charge and remove her younger brothers from the vehicle, get to safety, and dial 9-1-1.

Her grandfather was badly injured.  Karlie also sustained injuries from the collision, but was able to remain calm and provide WSP Communications Officer, Ms. Gabrielle Anderson, with her location and the specific details of her call for help.

Ms. Anderson was able to coordinate with her fellow Communications Officers, Ms. Randayl Balogh and Ms. Kahmina Ford to quickly dispatch WSP Trooper Tharp to the scene.

Because of Karlie’s quick action and her ability to communicate well with Ms. Anderson, help arrived and her grandfather is recovering well.

911 Call Audio

Ms. Anderson took the time to recognize Karlie Rogers and in turn, command staff recognized both Karlie and Ms. Anderson for the great care and teamwork they exhibited that tough day.  Karlie and Ms. Anderson received a Chief’s Coin in the presence of Karlie’s family and many proud WSP staff.

The work that our Communications Officers do as first responders can be a rewarding one.  If you have an interest in joining a great team of dedicated employees, we’re hiring.  Complete an application today for communications positions available across Washington via”