Yesterday’s graduation was full of excitement, smiles, and even a few tears. For one Washington State Patrol (WSP) sergeant, it was nothing short of “emotional.”

WSP Sergeant Ted DeHart stood in the crowd of hundreds and watched as 49 cadets became fully commissioned troopers…but it was one cadet he was anxious to see. His daughter Trooper Cadet Chelsea DeHart.

As now Trooper Chelsea DeHart received her commission card from Washington Governor Jay Inslee and WSP Chief John R. Batiste, Detective DeHart and his family could be heard cheering loudly behind her.

Following the graduation, Sergeant DeHart said, “Reflecting over Chelsea’s life, knowing she would be taking the oath of office, made me emotional throughout the day’s events. Overall I am proud of her decision to be in public service and honored to be her dad and that she chose to serve in the nation’s best law enforcement agency. ”

Just one day before the graduation, the family pair recreated a photo from the day Sergeant DeHart graduated from the WSP Academy 22-years-ago.

WSP_Sgt and Trooper DeHart

There is truly a story behind every badge. This is just one example of thousands from troopers who chose a life of public service.