Over the weekend, Washington State Patrol commercial vehicle officers gathered in Tacoma to participate in the 2017 Inspector’s and Truck Drivers Championships.

This year’s event was held at Reddaway on Saturday, June 17. CVEOs were scored on an extensive written test and their ability to perform inspections on buses, big rigs, and trucks hauling HAZMAT material.

However, it wasn’t just CVEOs who showed up to the event, dozens of WSP personnel came to help put on a big BBQ, act as judges, and just show support for all the hard work CVEOs do on a daily basis. Captain Tom Foster of the WSP Commercial Vehicle Division says, “The showing of dedication was truly inspiring and makes me proud to work with all of you.”

This year’s winners are listed below.

CVEO2 Jonas Mast was aiming to become the first CVEO to win the overall prize two years in a row; something no CVEO has ever done before. Although he did not take home this year’s overall title, Mast and this year’s winner, CVEO2 Max McGuire, will be competing and representing the WSP at the National Championship in Orlando, Florida.

McGuire also became the first recipient of the Mike Worlund Overall Grand Champion trophy- an award named in honor of CVEO4 Mike Worlud who was dedicated to the competition and all matters related to commercial vehicle safety.



1st place CVEO 2 Max McGuire

2nd place Trooper Tim Kron

3rd place CVEO 1 Ernie Rampley



1st place CVEO 2 Jonas Mast

2nd place CVEO 1 Fred Aebischer

3rd place Trooper Gordon Gruendell



1st place CVEO 1 Jacob Blankenship

2nd place CVEO 2 Max Mcguire

3rd place Safety Investigator Wayne Gilbert



1st place CVEO 1 Danielle Casey

2nd place Trooper Gordon Gruendell

3rd place CVEO 1 Amanda Collins



1st place CVEO 1 Fred Aebischer

2nd place CVEO 2 Mark Littlefield

3rd place CVEO 1 Jacob Blankenship


Level 1 Inspection

1st place CVEO 2 David Huisman

2nd place Trooper Gordon Gruendell

3rd place CVEO 1 Eric Wiltse