Ever been frustrated by a left lane camper? We have too. We’ve all been there. That’s why the Washington State Patrol (WSP) ran a statewide emphasis focused on left lane driving.

“Left lane camping is one of the top complaints we hear from motorists,” says WSP Field Operations Bureau Captain Tim Coley. “Left lane camping can prevent emergency vehicles from quickly responding to scenes and can lead to potentially dangerous behaviors such as  passing on the right or aggressive driving.”

We pulled stats from Tuesday June 13 to Thursday June 15, exactly one week before the emphasis started. We found that troopers contacted 116 drivers in the three day time span. Fast forward a week. From Tuesday June 20 to Thursday June 22 (the days of our emphasis), troopers stopped 476 people for camping out in the left lane!

While the emphasis only ran for three days, troopers do focus on contacting left lane drivers on a daily basis. In fact, last year, troopers stopped more than 16,400 people for camping out in the left lane. This specific emphasis was put into place to educate drivers on the negative effects that can result from left lane driving, like road rage, traffic congestion, and collisions.

(Not to mention, a left lane violation can cost you $136!)

Under Washington State law RCW 46.61.100 drivers must keep right except to pass on a multi-lane roadway.

So remember to please think twice before using the left lane. Let’s keep Washington roadways safe for everyone.