The first week of October proved to be pretty busy for our canine unit…

To make it through the Washington State Patrol’s Canine Training Unit, dogs and their handlers must complete nearly 220 hours of specialized training. Once graduated, they provide support for the agency’s field force, local task forces, and federal agencies during multi-jurisdictional warrants. These K9s play a critical role in keeping the citizens of Washington safe- so much so, that they even earn themselves full WSP commission cards at the end of their training.

Last month, a few of these K9 pairs had some big finds.

Trooper Norton & Moose

On October 3, Trooper Norton pulled over a driver for speeding on SR 395. During the course of the stop, Trooper Norton noticed suspicious behavior that usually coincides with criminal activity. After consenting to a search warrant, the driver was arrested for possession of five pounds of combined meth and heroin. After the suspect’s interview, the DEA decided to take the case.


Trooper Green & Max

On October 8, near mile post 8 on SR 104, partners Trooper Green and K9 Max were called out to handle an injury collision for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

When Trooper Green deployed Max, the K9 was immediately drawn to the driver and rear passenger door seams. However, after a few minutes of sniffing around the car, Max was drawn to a new scent. He led Trooper Green about 75 feet away from the vehicle towards the nearby woods. There, Max and Trooper Green found an abandoned bag.

Post-investigation, a search warrant was served on the bag. In total, troopers found:

• 4 ounces of cocaine
• 1 ounce of Hydro (Honey paste) THC
• 59 grams of mushrooms
• 4 grams of meth
• ½ pound of weed
• $830 in cash

Trp Green K9 Maximus DSC_0427

Trooper Bates & Rocco

A routine traffic stop in Leavenworth led to an unexpected find for Trooper Bates and K9 Rocco.

On October 3, the pair pulled over a driver for speeding. Following a consent search, Rocco found:

• 5 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms
• Several ounces/pre-filled THC tubes
• $7,066 cash

Trp Bates K9 Rocco DSC_0437