To close up our Fall Driving Series, Trooper Travis Joyce has one more piece of advice for you: Make sure your tires are in good working condition.

Like Trooper Joyce said, when you’re driving, your tires are the only thing connecting you to the road. That’s why it’s critical your tires are in good shape before you hit the highway.

When it comes to driving on wet roads, proper tread depth plays a big role. Your tires must have enough tread to properly grip the road. Over time, your tire treads wear down, and as they do, they are unable to generate the friction necessary to stop. Use Trooper Joyce’s penny trick or have your tread depth checked out by any mechanic during your next routine maintenance check up.

An improperly inflated tire can also greatly increase the risk of hydroplaning or skidding. Maintaining the proper air pressure helps to ensure that your tires can perform the way they’re supposed to. Tires tend to under inflate during cold weather, so it’s important to check them regularly (including your spare)!

Next week, Trooper Brooke Bova will be hosting our Winter Driving series to give you more tips on how to stay safe this season.