Did you happen to be driving in Benton, Yakima, or Franklin counties yesterday and notice a lot more troopers out on the road? You’re not wrong. Here’s why we’re out in full force:



May 3rd marked the start of the latest Washington State Patrol High Visibility Enforcement Effort – or better known as HiVE. From May 3 to May 6, the Washington State Patrol will be heavily patrolling  I-82, I-182, and connecting state routes in Benton, Franklin, and Yakima counties. True to its “HiVE” name, the idea of these emphasis patrols is that troopers will swarm a concentrated area of roads and contact as many drivers as possible who aren’t following state laws.

These types of emphases take place around the state every year. They not only serve as a way to educate the public on highway safety but they also provide a networking and collaborative working environment for troopers. This emphasis pulled troopers from all around the state to work together not only with each other but also with K9 narcotic detection teams, investigative detectives, drug recognition experts, commercial vehicle enforcement officers, and more.

Research shows that education and high visibility enforcement has a positive effect on driver’s behavior. We’ll let you know when the next one is coming up. (Hint, it’s soon).

In 2015, Washington experienced a 23% increase in traffic fatalities from the previous year, the highest number since 2007. This rise in fatalities is troubling as the WSP and other agencies throughout the state are working towards the Target Zero goal of zero deaths and serious injuries along the state roadways by 2030.