Just one day after graduation, 40 new troopers are already out patrolling the roads. Yesterday didn’t just mark a huge accomplishment for these new troopers, but it also marked a major turning point for the agency.

Back in 2016, the Washington State Patrol was down 136 troopers. Now, there are only 51 vacancies left to fill. This was in large part due to major salary increases approved by the Washington State Legislature. At yesterday’s ceremony, WSP Chief John R. Batiste said, “About three years ago we suffered a loss. We lost about 20% of our work force from retirements or to other agencies…” He later explains that thanks to the leadership of the legislature, “We’re making a tremendous difference. By the end of June 2019 we are expected to be fully staffed.”

Having a full force will allow the WSP to better achieve its goal of providing the best in public safety services. While a lot of people only see the troopers who work the roads, hundreds more are working in other capacities like patrolling the ferry system as a K9 handler or running aviation missions as a Trooper Pilot. One of the main questions we get asked is, “can troopers work wherever they want in the state.” Before each graduation, trooper cadets will identify the locations they want to work in the state— 70% of this class were given one of their top three picks.

Name Number Final Assignment Home Town
1 Andrews, Gregory 1222 District 1 Olympia Olympia, WA
2 Atkinson, Dean E. 1197 District 6 Basin Walla Walla, WA
3 Baker, Alec J. 1200 District 6 Okanogan Newman Lake, WA
4 Beard, Dexter M. 976 District 6 Okanogan Everson, WA
5 Bratlien, Brian D. 1017 District 7 Monroe Bellingham, WA
6 Buitenbos, Luke R. 1199 District 7 Burlington Lynden, WA
7 Carlson, David L. 1246 District 8 Hoquiam Olympia, WA
8 Coblentz, Mark J. 1018 District 8 Hoquiam McCleary, WA
9 Dussault, Kyle J. 1155 District 7 Burlington Mt. Vernon, WA
10 Elliot, Blake E. 994 District 7 Monroe Snohomish, WA
11 Fath, Cody M. 991 District 6 Basin Puyallup, WA
12 Grandstaff, Jake F. 1025 District 3 Pomeroy Walla Walla, WA
13 Hanks, Josiah K. 594 District 3 Grandview Yakima, WA
14 Holland, Tanner J. 303 District 7 Burlington Lynden, WA
15 Hooks, Christopher J. 1150 District 2 Bellevue Redmond, WA
16 Hudson, Brendon T. 1170 District 2 Bellevue Sequim, WA
17 Jones, Adrian L. 1024 District 6 Basin Spokane, WA
18 Jordan, Matthew M. 636 District 1 Tacoma Puyallup, WA
19 Kennedy, Ian 1008 District 7 Monroe Marysville, WA
20 Klein, Casey 1154 District 7 Monroe Arlington, WA
21 Knight, Malik V. 668 District 2 Bellevue Federal Way, WA
22 Mason, Travis A. 875 District 6 Okanogan Mt. Vernon, WA
23 Montano, Benjamin 623 District 2 Bellevue Moxee, WA
24 Moore, Anthony E. 1245 District 8 Forks Auburn, WA
25 Moyer, Kimberly N. 755 District 7 Monroe Mt. Vernon, WA
26 O’Brien, Stephen F. 329 District 1 Tacoma Bremerton, WA
27 Plough, Jed T. 1015 District 7 Monroe Snohomish WA
28 Plumb, Justin D. 1043 District 2 Bellevue Port Orchard, WA
29 Rediger, Bret A. 1040 District 7 Monroe Everson, WA
30 Rowland, Amber A. 1022 District 1 Tacoma Bremerton WA
31 Russell, Dakota J. 712 District 5 Chehalis Centralia, WA
32 Sanchez-Benitez, Alejandro J. 985 District 2 Bellevue Seattle, WA
33 Schwilke, Lyndon A. 1011 District 2 Bellevue Camas, WA
34 Shaw, Trevor J. 964 District 2 Bellevue Everett, WA
35 Sowards, Evan J. 706 District 1 Tacoma Puyallup, WA
36 Stanley, Kirk C. 1023 District 2 Bellevue Port Orchard, WA
37 Watts, Kameron D. 1006 District 1 Tacoma Tacoma, WA
38 Wilson, Andrew T. 856 District 6 Ellensburg Pullman, WA
39 Woolery, Tanner L. 983 District 6 Ellensburg Shelton, WA
40 Wyatt, Riley D. 837 District 3 Grandview Yakima, WA

Troopers from around the state were quick to welcome the new class, whether it was saying congratulations in person or posting these messages online.

(New District 6 Troopers)

(New District 7 Troopers)

(New District 8 Troopers)