Can you spot the differences between these two uniforms?

There are two main differences: The campaign hat and the bow tie. Looking from the outside in, they may not seem like a big deal, but looking from the inside out…it makes all the difference.

A lot of people may not know that the Washington State Patrol (WSP) is comprised of more than just troopers. The WSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau makes up a large part of the agency.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers (CVEOs), like troopers, have a reputation for only patrolling the roads. When, in reality, their job and responsibilities expand far beyond the highways. Within their ranks, there are commercial vehicle investigators, hazardous materials specialists, and more. They have an important role in the agency and in keeping Washington safe– like inspecting every single school bus in the state for example. However, there was a disconnect when it came to uniforms.

For years, CVEOs wore regular ties and cowboy hats, while troopers wore their traditional bowties and campaign hats. But that all changed this year when CVEOs switched their hats and ties to match troopers. While their traditional black and grey colors stayed the same, the transition was a major milestone for CVEOs.

CVEO 3 Andilee Jordan says, “There is pride in the campaign hat, and we’re so proud to stand and work side-by-side with troopers.”

Troopers, CVEOs, the WSP civil staff, all work towards the same goal: Making Washington a safer place to live, grow, and explore. Jordan, who also teaches a professional image class at the WSP Academy, says this small uniform change is helping CVEOs simply feel better. “By looking more professional, we can better serve the agency motto of serving with humility.”