Its been 10 weeks of intensive training, but these new recruits are ready to hit the road with their handlers!

Yesterday morning, Chief John R. Batiste welcomed four new narcotic detection K9 teams to the Washington State Patrol’s ranks.

These teams underwent 220 hours of specialized training, covering everything from odor introduction to vehicle searching.

WSP K9 narcotic teams provide support for the agency’s field force, local task forces, and federal agencies on multi-jurisdictional warrants.

Instructor Trooper Paul Woodside says, “The Narcotics K9 program is a vital role of one of our core missions in the Washington State Patrol, which is criminal interdiction. These dogs help law enforcement detect and apprehend those who transport and use illegal narcotics. They help us keep our schools and communities safe.”

The WSP considers these K9s family, but also as respected officers. So much so that they receive their own commission card and badge.

During this most recent class, the WSP also trained two outside agency K9 teams who will go and serve their own communities.

Meet the newest four-legged officers keeping Washington safe and get a glimpse of their special graduation ceremony: