When asked what the Washington State Patrol’s motto “Service with Humility” means to you, Trooper Jessica Hartman’s response left everyone speechless.

While recalling a traffic stop during her coaching trip, Hartman explained, “He stopped when I was returning to my vehicle and he said ‘trooper why were you so nice to me?’”

“And I said, ‘it’s too easy, I’m just like you and under this uniform I’m just a person. If I were in your situation, I would only hope that I would be treated the way that I have hopefully treated you. So my philosophy is to treat others the way you want to be treated.’”

“He kind of looked at me and put his hand out so I shook his hand and he said, ‘I just want to let you know, that my single contact with you tonight – even if this is embarrassing for me – has completely changed my demeanor and thought process about you guys in blue. Then he gave me a hug, which really surprised me. The he said thank you again and I never saw him again.’”

Hartman continued to explain, “But just that right there….just that one person right there, even though it was his first DUI and he was nervous and he was scared…to turn around and say ‘hey, thank you for what you do and for treating me how you did’…that right there speaks service with humility and that’s what this uniform is all about.”

Trooper Hartman is just one of 31 cadets who graduated from the Washington State Patrol’s Trooper Basic Training Academy earlier today. On average less than 4% of all those who apply to the agency meet the standards to become a trooper. Since the beginning of the agency in 1921, only 3,323 have earned the right to wear the WSP badge.

It took six months of rigorous training, eight weeks of field exercise, and a tremendous amount of support from family and friends for these cadets to make it to this point. Each one with a different background, working toward the same goal. Three cadets, including Trooper Hartman, share their stories of what brought them to the Washington State Patrol.

But for some, working in law enforcement runs in the family. The following new troopers have relatives working in law enforcement.

Cadet Relative Relationship Agency
Travis Cunningham Mike Poore Uncle CHP (retired)
Michael Osberg Jeff Osberg Father WSP
Peyton McCulley Steve McCulley Father WSP (retired)
Brenton Miller Mike Mezen Stepfather Kitsap County SO
Brayton Passey Brett Hansen Uncle Benton County SO
Joshua Pronovost Patrick Pronovost Father WSP (retired)
Taylor Scott Nathan Scott Father Portland Police

If you’d like to watch today’s graduation please see our Facebook page here: https://bit.ly/2Qt5QNr

Following today’s ceremony, Washington will now have the following new Troopers patrolling every part of the state:

Name Number Final Assignment Home Town
Abrahamse, Logan R. 871 District 6 Ellensburg Lacey, WA
Bridges, Jeffrey R. 1078 District 2 Bellevue University Place, WA
Cooney, Amanda R. 868 District 6 Basin Spokane Valley, WA
Covey, Shelby-Michael 1198 District 2 Bellevue Olympia, WA
Cuillier, Ellis J. 698 District 6 Ellensburg Yakima, WA
Cunningham, Travis 1186 District 6 Okanogan Olympia, WA
Dalton, Tyler J. 338 District 6 Ellensburg Marysville, WA
Dennis, Stephen 1104 District 3 Dayton Fall City, WA
Fischer, Chase C. 497 District 6 Okanogan Olympia, WA
Hartman, Jessica L. 433 District 7 Marysville Oak Harbor, WA
Jacobson, Jonah B. 779 District 2 Bellevue Olympia, WA
Kehn, Bryce T. 436 District 2 Bellevue Tacoma, WA
McCulley, Peyton N. 1087 District 2 Bellevue Issaquah, WA
Meyers, Raymond W. 838 District 2 Bellevue Lacey, WA
Miller, Brenton S. 571 District 2 Bellevue Poulsbo, WA
Olson, David A. 1065 District 7 Marysville Bellingham, WA
Osberg, Michael J. 1241 District 8 Hoquiam Belfair, WA
Perez, Jesus F. 1148 District 3 Kennewick Pasco, WA
Perretta, Quentin 971 District 5 Chehalis DuPont, WA
Pronovost, Joshua E. 1086 District 2 Bellevue Port Orchard, WA
Riehl, Nicholas E. 460 District 6 Okanogan Olympia, WA
Romaneschi, Nathanael D. 542 District 4 Ritzville Spokane, WA
Scott, Taylor G. 839 District 6 Basin Olympia, WA
Selvig, Justin D. 1064 District 2 Bellevue Anacortes, WA
Slagle, Kevin R. 988 District 8 Port Townsend Port Orchard, WA
Solberg, James M. 711 District 2 Bellevue Renton, WA
Thorpe, Trevor A. 1092 District 1 Olympia Olympia, WA
Villanueva, Bryan C. 1134 District 5 Chehalis White Salmon, WA
Visser, Brandon J.       1208 District 7 Marysville Camano Island, WA
Visser, Luke D. 1055 District 2 Bellevue Mt. Vernon, WA
Whearty, Michael B. 1054 District 5 Chehalis Rochester, WA