It has been ten years since our WSP family lost three members to a tragic house fire.  On August 16, 2010, Trooper Gary Miller, Communications Officer 4, Anne Hewitt-Miller, and Trooper Kristopher Sperry were in the Miller family home at the time of the fire. 

When Gary and Anne found out that Kris was staying in a motel while waiting for his house closing, they insisted that Kris move in with them until his new home was ready.  Kris’ house was set to close the day after the tragic fire. 

Gary and Anne were well-respected and well-loved members of their community.  Captain Tom Foster, who was Gary and Kris’s sergeant at the time said, “They are among the nicest people I’ve ever known.” 

When asked about Anne, CO4 Tony Amorati exclaimed, “She was Amazing!”  He went on to say that she “cared for the people, she cared for the people she worked for.” 

Kris was a brand new trooper and had just graduated from the Academy.  He was excited to be a trooper and had moved from Montana where he grew up, to Washington to be a part of the WSP.  

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, a formal remembrance could not be held.  On August 16, 2020, as a tribute, a flag and wreath of flowers were placed at Gary and Anne’s grave in the City of Prosser.  Montana Highway Patrol generously volunteered to place a flag and wreath of flowers at Kristopher’s grave in Eureka, Montana.  Flowers were delivered to Gary and Anne’s children and to Kristopher’s parents.  The flowers were made possible with assistance from the WSP Memorial Foundation and the Senior Managers Organization.

Three people with servant souls were taken too soon from our WSP family. All three will be forever in our hearts and never be forgotten. ​